The New England Institute of HVAC/R Curriculum Summary

Basic Electricity:

Series and parallel wiring
Ohm's Law
Schematic Symbols
Switches, Power and Loads
Use of Multi-meter
Relay, Control Devices
Circuit Components and Wiring
Low Voltage Wiring

Oil Heat:

Major Components of an Oil System
Sequence of Events
One Pipe, Two Pipe System Explained
Oil Tune-up & Efficiency Testing
Troubleshooting Oil Systems
Primary Controls
Basic Oil System Wiring
NFPA Code for Oil
Venting Basics

Gas Heat:

Basic Components of a Gas System
Sequence of Events, Gas Parameters
Direct Venting
Condensing Furnaces
Gas Furnace Wiring
Testing Individual Components
Sizing Furnaces
Removing and Replacing Components


Miscellaneous Heating:

Forced Hot Air
Zone Controls
Introduction to Thermostats
Air Cleaners, Humidifiers
Wiring Various Systems

EPA Certification and Testing:

Universal Certificaton Preparation
System Recovery and Charging
Vacuum Pump Operation
Official EPA Test Proctored

Residential Refrigeration:

Four Major Components
Latent and Sensible Heat
Metering Devices
Component Functions
Introduction to Refrigeration Trainer
Basic Tools
Soldering and Brazing, Leak Testing
Domestic Appliances
Refrigerator, Freezer
Window A/C
System Troubleshooting and Wiring

Commercial Refrigeration:

Pump Down Cycle in-Depth
Pressure and Temperature Controls
Superheat and Subcooling
Walk-in Units, Ice Machines, Rooftops
Commercial System Troubleshooting

Central A/C and Heat Pumps:

Recovery, Evacuation, Charging
Installation Procedures
Superheat and Subcooling Applied
Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
Basic A/C Wiring
The Heat Pump
The Reversing Valve
A/C and Heat Pump Repair
Ductless Split Systems
Introduction to Duct Sizing
Introduction to Heating/Cooling Loads
EPA Follow-up