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Get your HVAC certification in a fraction of the time as other institutions!

Our Story

Owners Dave and Jack first came up with the idea of the New England Institute of HVAC more than 15 years ago. They knew there was a better and faster way to teach the basics of HVAC than the institution they themselves had attended, so they set about creating a hands-on curriculum built on a combined 45 years of experience between them both.

They brought their experience and knowledge together to form the New England Institute of HVAC, based in Lowell MA. They wanted students to be able to obtain their HVAC licenses after taking a condensed curriculum of just 13 weeks, with courses taught by leading technicians in the field. Today, they continue to change lives and the community, one student at a time.

We are the New England Institute of HVAC and we are a trusted hands-on training program that prepares students just like you for a career in the HVAC industry.

The Importance of HVAC Training

If you’re looking to become a certified HVAC expert, you can do that with us quickly and thoroughly. Here at the New England Institute of HVAC, Inc., we train specialists in all aspects of HVAC services, repair, and installation.

In today’s climate—and especially in New England—Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a technology of paramount importance. Not only does it allow businesses to run efficiently, it allows people to live comfortably in their homes year-round. Because of the unique importance of this technology, HVAC technicians continue to be in high demand.

Why? First off, HVAC technicians support a sophisticated suite of HVAC products, many of which require skilled on-site installation. Second, HVAC technicians are well-positioned to support a growing number of ever-changing energy-efficient technologies and products.

While there will always be a need for HVAC technicians, it is especially important for those technicians to stay current on their training due to the constant evolution of this industry. The best HVAC technicians are those with the best training, which is why the New England Institute of HVAC is a solid investment for aspiring technicians in the field.

We are the New England Institute of HVAC and we are a trusted hands-on training program that prepares students just like you for a career in the HVAC industry.

Board of Trustees

The NEW ENGLAND INSTITUTE of HVAC/R Inc. mission is to provide a concise, high quality education for people who are interested in acquiring or increasing knowledge in Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration or who wish to pursue careers in the industry..

New England Institute of HVAC - Owner David Rousseau
David Rousseau, Owner

Dave graduate HVAC school in 1986 and has been in the field ever since. From running his own business to teaching, he has done it all! Growing up in Lowell, he knew that the community needed a high quality and affordable program and worked hard in creating just that with his business partner and best pal Jack. Dave is a family man and both of his sons graduated from NEIHVAC and are in the field as well. Dave treats all students like they're his own family and wants each and every one of them to find the same level of success that he has.

New England Institute of HVAC - Owner Jack Burkhardt
Jack Burkhardt, Owner

Jack has been teaching HVAC/r for over 20 years. He worked installing, servicing and troubleshooting Gas and Oil systems, Residential Heating and Cooling, Roof Top Units and Small Appliances. He's licensed in Oil Heat, Refrigeration, and Sheetmetal. Jack loves to have a good time and make students feel comfortable and enjoy what they are learning. He and Dave are best friends and you'll see they're playful dynamic each day. Jack can't wait to meet all of you!

New England Institute of HVAC - Instructor
Instructor - Robert "Bobby" Fogg

Bob grew up in the Lowell area and community. He entered the HVAC field 15 years ago and has been teaching HVAC/R for 5 years. He's skilled in Installing, Servicing, and Troubleshooting Residential and Commercial equipment. Bobby loves getting to know the students and making sure they are ready for their careers!

New England Institute of HVAC - Instructor Chris Marsala
Instructor -  Chris Marsala

Over 30 years as an Electronics engineer and HVAC maintenance tech. Chris started at NEIHVAC as a student and graduated from the program before he entered the field. After a few years he was approached to come on back and help new students prepare for their future! He loves to laugh and make every single class fun as can be!

New England Institute of HVAC

Look at what past students are saying...

New England HVAC Institute is a positive life changing course. It is an accelerated program, and teaches students the curriculum necessary to implement skills you need on the job. Shortly after completing the course, one of the teachers directed me to a suitable position within a local HVAC company, of which I am now employed. I cannot say enough about the level of quality and effort the teachers here put into there work of helping students succeed.

Shawn B.

Great school. Jack and Dave are great instructors. I came into the HVAC field blind and came out of that class with so much knowledge. They help you get your EPA certification. I got a job during the 11th week. I watched these 2 instructors not give up on any student. Even students that had already mentally given up! I would recommend this school to new technicians and experienced technicians who need a refresh on troubleshooting!

Joel D.

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Victor Swap

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Daniel Craig

I started the 13 week program at New England Institute of HVAC with no prior knowledge or experience in the trade. In just that short time the teachers taught me more than I could imagine. I felt that I got a ton of hands on work well still doing book work to get a better understanding of how the systems and their parts operate and how to fix them. Most of all the learning environment is comfortable which makes learning easy but the teachers still push you and test your knowledge to show you how this profession can and will be stressful. I have 0 regrets choosing this school I had a blast going there, you'd be able tell to right away that these guys love to do this and all they want is for the students to succeed.

Ethan T.


240 Smith Street
Lowell, MA 01851


Email: info@newenglandhvac.com
Phone: (978) 735.4979
WhatsApp:  978.866.3326

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